What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is the process of “white hats” a web application server against it’s own software. It is a common practice in development and many software engineers, especially the newer ones, use it in their job description. Though not all flaws can be “deployed”, it is a common sense and highly recommended way to improve the reliability of a system.

If you are familiar with penetration testing, you would know that you need to have both theoretical and practical experience to understand the procedure and perform the tasks. Although it is not difficult to become proficient in it, it does require years of training. Before you decide to start your own career in white hats, it is essential to understand the main points of white hats.

Exploiting as a habit

A lot of people become involved in penetration testing as a hobby. One of the primary benefits of penetration testing is that you can easily test small jobs from home. You will also not need to travel anywhere for the purpose of doing this job. Another benefit is that you can work on your own time schedule.

The tool of choice for penetration testing is the “attack tool” (the “script”binary”, which will be responsible for launching the attack). They are usually very simple programs or only have a small subset of programs available. This is for the reason that white hats requires that you do a very specific and exact action. To test the tool in a proper and effective manner, you will require a bit of computer knowledge.

Penetration Testing Tools

Once you have acquired the knowledge of how to use the tools. You will be ready to carry out the attacks and start checking if the tools are working properly. Although there are multiple penetration testing tools, some tools are more reliable than others. Some tools allow you to carry out tests on a per host. Basis while others allow you to test the tools independently.

Best Advantages of learning Penetration Testing in 2020

The professional penetration testers will be very picky with the tools they use. This is because the tools play a significant role in determining the results of the tests. And it is always wise to make sure that the tools that you use will give you good results.

How to learn Penetration Testing for free?

Another useful thing to know about penetration testing is that you don’t need any special skills for this job. Anybody can carry out the activities required. There are no specific licenses needed. So, if you’re a beginner in computer science. You can surely get into this line of work as you can pass the written exam. Can pass the practical exam easily.

Future in Penetration Testing

If you are interested in white hats, then the first question you should ask yourself is “what is penetration testing?” A penetration tester should be adept with the knowledge of the programming languages, tools, and techniques, but the knowledge does not mean much if you don’t have the required skills to perform the work. For that, you need to make sure that you have experience in the field. You will not be able to test the software until you get familiar with the tools and techniques.

If you already have some certain skill, then it will be easier for you to start your career in white hats. On the other hand, if you think that you are not proficient enough, then you should still try to learn the basics of white hats.


Learning the basics of the subject might require you to get yourself involved. In practical experiences and in actual day-to-day training.

But the practical skills are not as important as the theoretical knowledge and the skills that can be applied in the real world.

The most important advantage of penetration testing is that you can easily test the internet applications in a wider area than a single company. In other words, a penetration tester can test software from many companies using different software tools and techniques, and you can even test the internet protocol.


If you want to learn penetration testing, the best option is to search for a course which will help you. However, it is essential to note that a right course in white hats is not available. It is simply a matter of luck.

pentest methodology, well there is not methodology behind white hats cause white hats is all about your mind set and your interest. All you need to do is learn about penetration testing and I have seen people asking about types of penetration testing well there is not types of penetration testing. white hats is a art of exploring new stuff about something.

There are lots of pen testing companies. Basically, they hire people who are interested in finding bugs in a website or some software. There are lots negative implications of penetration testing in life. you may also like to read about hosting and apps.


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